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Please fill out the following information to become a Go Purple Friday partner for the 2022-2023 football season.

Must be valid throughout the duration of the season. Please be sure to include restrictions, details, etc.

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Go Purple Friday agreement

1. Program Rights and Benefits


As an official partner of “Go Purple Friday,” (GPF), You will receive access to promotional materials and the use of “Go Purple Friday” logo.


2. Program Term

This agreement shall commence Friday, the day prior to the first TCU game of the season, September 2, 2022, and continue through June 1st, 2023, the final game of the season. .


3. Program Fee

There is NO fee required to participate in this program. It is your choice if you would like to participate at a higher level or purchase additional promotional materials for the season.


4. General Conditions:

A. Grant of Rights – Partner will have the limited, non-exclusive, right to use the GPF logo on a royalty-free basis, in promotions, advertising, and website identification for the limited purpose of leveraging its program partner position. Partner must obtain the prior written approval of TCU’s Athletics Department as to all proposed promotional, advertising, identification or other logo applications prepared by partner pursuant to this paragraph prior to their publication, circulation, or display.

B. License Term – On the date of termination of the agreement, all rights and privileges granted to Partner by this limited license shall immediately terminate.


5. Recognition Rights

All copy and graphics proposed for display by Partner for recognition are subject to approval by TCU. TCU shall have the right to decline to display any copy or graphics which is in violation of any statute, regulation, or ordinance, or which TCU reasonably considers to be misleading or offensive or in violation of any TCU contract obligation.


6. Logo and Partner Acknowledgement Guidelines

Partner agrees that they are NOT an official sponsor of TCU or TCU Athletics Department. Partner agrees that they are only a participant for the GPF campaign and can only use the GPF logo. Partner cannot use TCU or TCU Athletics logo for any promotional items internally or items for sale. The parties agree to utilize the following guidelines with respect to the use of each party’s logos and the Partner recognition conferred herein:

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